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The following item is copied from a mimeographed sheet given to me years ago by Katie McNamee. I reproduce it verbatim, except for effacing the date of original issue and the identity of the university from which this came. I've got enough problems already. For the Greek-impaired, phthonos means "envy." Phthisis refers to any withering condition or state; there is no English equivalent for it, and the medical profession has had to import the Greek word to refer to wasting diseases.

is proud to announce the inception of a new journal in critical reviews, Phthonos, and a sister journal in traditional scholarship, Phthisis.

Phthonos will differ from other review journals in the profession by solliciting already written reviews of books and articles on classical scholarship. The editors regret that lack of space will not permit favorable reviews to be considered. Particularly welcome will be attacks on books by authors recently deceased. The editors of Phthonos propose two special features in the journal. One will be space each issue for a lengthy review dedicated solely to exposing typographical and printing errors. The other attraction will be a column entitled IPSE DIXIT, containing a masterpiece of destructive reviewing from the past twenty-five years of scholarship. Under no circumstances will retractions or replies be permitted. Let stet be our watchword!

Phthisis will be dedicated solely to articles reworking the existing scholarly literature on a small and hopefully ever shrinking canon of the truly classical authors. The editors will consider with special favor articles that contain no original ideas but instead discuss in detail "the state of the problem" and present the most elegant pastiches of already existing scholarly views. No article can be accepted that does not contain lengthy footnotes exhaustively cataloging the subject's bibliography. A special column each issue will be entitled OUR MASTER'S VOICE in which the most often cited passages from Wilamowitz's writings will be reprinted as a practical guide for the young scholar in supporting his views in the footnotes. Readers are invited to submit their favorite Wilamowitz citations. Special consideration will be given those references which contain outmoded and erroneous views that still control modern scholarship.

The editorial board will consist entirely of the part-time faculty of the ... University Greek and Latin Department. No single person will have responsibility or say for the contents of the twin journals. All decisions on acceptances will be anonymous, arbitrary, and final.

Phthonos and Phthisis will alternate monthly in issue, with publication beginning in September, 19-- with the first fascicule of Phthisis. All articles submitted must be written by hand on ruled paper, on both sides, with a strictly observed minimum length of 25,000 words. Both journals will be reproduced by the mimeograph process. In order to meet ever rising mail costs and the expenses of printing the editors regret that the price of annual subscription will be $72.50. Subscription requests must be sent with prepayment of a year's issue in cash only (no checks, money orders or stamps, thank you!) to

The Editors
Dept. L
Phthonos and Phthisis
Box 1548

Articles should be sent to the same address, Dept. X.

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