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The bird feeder outside the computer room window.  12-14-2000  Ice storm!  Ick!

The same squirrel feeder as below, just after a small ice storm.  12-14-2000

This is our nightly visitor, a flying squirrel.  :)

The view from our bedroom window in February, 1999.

Duffy Snoozing

Duffy, who turned 15 yrs old 3-99, and went to the Rainbow Bridge in April 1999, snoozing in winter '98.

The Spotted Wonders, Clyde & Valerie in 1998 at our house in Paragould.

Bonny on guard duty (summer 1999)  Notice anything in the tree?  ;)

Anyone home?  (Summer 2000 series with Bonny)

Hey!  Get out of the bird's food!!!

Stupid squirrel, ya just don't listen!

hehehe Just come a little bit closer.............

These last 3 squirrel shots were taken the last week of June 2000.

The girls are settling in for a nap.  Nadine (L) and Bonny (R) 8-29-2000.

Okay, here are a few trinkets I brought back from Scotland 8-2000.

Swingin' Scottie & Where's Teddy?
Royal Dalton figurine
Pocket Dragons, Shy, Catch Me, Pocket Piper, I'm In Trouble Again
Swarovski Crystal Scottie