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For those of you who may have come here from an outside link, you have come to the "I Hate Frames" Frames Page portion of Danny and Julie's Webzine. Lots of good, fun stuff here, so take peek (bottom frame). Otherwise, let's get down to business.


Actually, that's a strong word. How about annoyed. Sometimes mildly, sometimes strongly. Guns don't kill people.....blah,blah,blah. Same goes for frames. They not bad in and of themselves, they are just poorly or unnecessarily used. Some people use them just to show off their knowledge of HTML or use them just for the self-satisfaction of learning how. All of the above apply to me actually. Anyway, this dark and gloomy page on an otherwise bright and cheery website is dedicated to all the annoyed websurfers out there. It seem like everyone is doing a "top ten list" of everything you can imagine, so I guess I'll jump on the ol' bandwagon and toss another one at you.

The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Frames


You can't get out of them when you want to. If you don't believe me go to one of our links pages shown in the bottom frame and start surfing. Tell me how long it takes you to break out. All links on this page (unless otherwise specified) fall under this category. You've been warned.


You can't stay in them when you want to. Sometimes, you do come across a seemingly good frames page with lots of good links or whatever and you don't want to lose your spot. Oh, well.....goodbye frames......where are you when I need you. Good thing I found out about Right-Clicking on links and opening them in New Brower


Can't bookmark the dang things. It's like the contents are really not there. But yet, you still have to back out of it one frame at a time. What's up with that?


Did you ever frame a frame in a frame? Some websites do it accidentally. My does it on purpose. Click on the "I Hate Frames" link in the bottom frame and see what happens.


There is no reason # 6.


LESS SPACE !!! What more do I need to say?


SCROLL BARS ! SCROLL BARS ! SCROLL BARS !!!! This is really part of Reason # 5, but I really had to get that of my chest.


No WYSIWYG HTML editor for frame page creation. (That I know of, that is.) Lazy people like me have to learn HTML code from scratch; and I paid good money for Netscape Navigator Gold. The Source Frame Page for this Frame Page had to be typed up at least three times because saving a frame file in NNG completely wipes it out. You finally get an error message, "Sorry, you can't edit frames in this version". Be ye there forewarned!


Try adding a counter! I'm not even going to try. On second thought, maybe I will, but I'm not going to put a whole lot of faith in it.


The Ulimate Crasher - See below.





Netscape warns us of "Infinite Recursions". They say it is "bad". Duh! They are talking about frame crashing. There are a few ways to crash frames, but they all basically do the same thing: opening a frame in a frame in a frame in a frame and on until your brower and quite possibly your computer runs out of memory. And BOOM!, you have been crashed. I started writing a crash program and quickly found out they are not as easy as I originally thought they would be. So I did the All-American thing and borrowed someone else's. So, special thanks to Josh Jones for all the hard work. Let's all give him a hand!

So, do you fell lucky today? Well, do you, PUNK? If so, save all files... exit all other programs... extinguish all smoking materials... and above all else, do NOT hold me responsible for a crash hard drive. It's your fault anyway. If you are really sure you want to give it a try : PUSH THE BIG UGLY RED BUTTON BELOW. Remember, if you are quick enough, you can hit your browser's stop button before it's to late.


The Real Frame Haters

I thought I was the first person to come up with the idea of a Frames Hater's Page until I accidentally stumbled across these guy's recently. Those of you who have visited me in the past know that I have been planning this for a long time. I guess more people are out there hating frames than I thought. Anyway, if you want to meet a very angry group of people that are ready to ban frames altogether; then head on over to Original I Hate Frames Club and join up. Lots of great links that I would rather not type in here. BUT WAIT! Did you want to go there FRAMED or UNFRAMED? Ha ha!

IHF Club

Unframe MeUnframe Me NOW, Mister!!!!

OK, had enough already? Ready to go to some normal website? Something of great interest and that you'll just have to bookmark, because you just have to keep going back again and again? Just pick on the above of the fancy HOME box.

Unframe This Page, Mister!!!!Unframe Me

Have you tried following some of the links only to become frustrated and boxed in and unable to bookmark anything? Well, you can view this page the old fashioned way. Just click above.

I would like to thank my Producer......

Special Thanks to Newbie.net and his Netscape Frames Tutorial(tm) for making this page possible. Those of you who want to learn more about how to program frames or those of you who want to flame him for making it easy for people like me to create frame pages, drop by his site.

Newbie.net link

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People Framed January 1997 - Then again, maybe not. Who can tell with frames?

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