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pulpAs a life-long fan of The Shadow and the real Pulp Fiction, one of the first things I wanted to find on the Internet were sites relating to those subjects. But for some reason, search engines would turn up hundreds or thousands of hits when searching for "The Shadow" all of which were dead ends. I was beginning to believe that part of American literature was forgotten by this generation. Then one day, I stumbled across one link that lead to others and so on.

Shown is a sample of some of the Pulp Cover Art that I borrowed for one of the sites listed below. I will try to switch it out with a new one every so often. I'll try not to use any of the more racy ones if I can help it. Even though it was the 1930's, they did get a little carried away both in story and art.

Listed below is a collection of useful Pulp and Shadow links that can give you tons of information on the subject. There were many other Pulp Heroes and Characters as you will see, but I just happen to be partial to The Shadow. If any other Pulp fan out there has any other links, just send them on in.

The Shadow Pulps  (Currently Missing)

Pulp Heroes

The Hero Pulps!


Pulp Fiction Central

The Shadow RealAudio Radio Theater

The Shadow Magazine -Complete Online Novels

Enter the Sanctum

Damon's Pulp Page

Greg Swan's Hero Pulp Literature

Matt Stevens - The Pulp Page

The Shadow -thewitt (Currently Missing)

Hightlights on The Shadow

The Shadow Vaults

Zool's Shadow Page (Currently Missing)

Adventure House

The Shadow - Old Time Radio

Backyard Books

alt.pulp - Usenet Newsgroup


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