The PHillips Family Album

Danny's picture My name is Danny Hill and I live in Jonesboro, AR where I graduated from Nettleton High School in 1982 and from Arkansas State University in 1987 with an Engineering degree (mechanical). Over the years, I have worked as a Drafter, Designer, Engineer, and have held other technical and non-technical jobs. I even spent a little time in the United States Marine Corps (ooh rah!). I have just started working for Hytrol Conveyor Co. (THE major conveyor manufacturer of the western hemisphere) in Jonesboro as a Designer on the Package Handling Special Design Team; so, wish me luck. My interests are computers and the internet (duh!). Other interests include movies, reading, music, and just about everything else. There is really not enough room to describe a person in a single paragraph. So, on to my other half of almost ten years
Julie's picture Hi there! My name is Julie Hill. Danny is my other half. I am a veterinary assistant  at the only AAHA clinic in this area.  I am also very active in my church (Episcopal). I love traveling, especially to the mountains or dog shows. Danny & I met at work in 1989 and have been together ever since. Now we have Clyde, Bonny, Valerie,  and our little old lady cat, Snuggles, but she doesn't like her picture made. And Stripes, another kitty, moved in full time late in 1998.
Clyde's picture Hello. My name is Clyde and I'm a Dalmatian. I am liver-spotted and there is nothing wrong with that. It just means I have more personality than your normal Dals. I am bigger than most Dalmatians, which means I take up more room on the couch and bed. I am a good watchdog and I really hate trucks, motorcycles, and joggers. I really hate strange dogs that wander into my yard. But I really like the people that my parents say are OK. They give me lots of attention. But my best friends are my family. They always say I'm handsome (or goofy). My favorite toys are the tennis ball and the rope bone (I like to slap myself silly with it). I'm getting up in years (born in 1988) and the spots around my mouth are getting gray and I creak and pop and limp around sometimes, but I can still run like a maniac. But I prefer to spend my time just laying around. This is what I sound like when I bark (56k).
bonny's picture Ceud mille failte! I'm Bonny and I'm a Scottish Terrier. I was born in 1991, but I'm still my momma's baby. I travel with her pretty much everywhere she goes. I hate cows, semi-trucks, joggers, and motorcycles. But I love my brother, Clyde, and my momma and my poppa. And my baby sister, Valerie, isn't too bad. But she is just a baby. I always get to go to Kansas City for the big annual Heart of America Scottish Terrier Club specialty. That's a show full of only scotties! Lots of my kind! I am a true terror, uh, terrier in spirit. My poppa loves to play a game with me. It is where I get to chew on his thumb. Here's what I sound like when I get to play the game. (164K)
valerie's picture Hi! I'm Valerie, the new dal kid. My spots are black, not liver like my hero's, Clyde.  I was originally a rescue puppy. Mom does Dalmatian rescue here, and she got me July of 96,  when the other people gave me up. I got real sick for awhile, but I got better. Mom found me a new home that was really nice but I missed my first real family. Now I live permenantly here. I really like it, but that cat just doesn't like to play! I'm still learning my manners and the house rules, so I still am not used to thinkgs like the ironing board. Here's what happens when that thing comes out.(45K)
Images provided by my niece Mandy Hill drawn on 1/1/93. Published without her knowledge or permission. I have no idea who "Handyman" is.

The new image of Valerie was provided by Ashley Phillips (another niece) drawn on 4/11/97. Also published without her knowledge or permission.

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