In Memory of

The Lady MacDuff

March 20, 1984 - April 20, 1999

On April 20, 1999, Duffy was sent to be with her mom, Miss Sarah Robinson, after a very brief 6 month stay with us.  I was able to hold her in my arms as she went to the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with Miss Sarah.  With her, she took a large part of our hearts.  We will always love you, Duffers, and never forget you.

A good friend of mine, Donna McDonald, took these  last photos of Duffy the night before she died.

 Goodbye, Your Ladyship, you're finally romping in the heather.


These flowers arrived from friends of the SLCC-L (the scottie list) and HARC (Highland Angels Rememberance Comittee) in memory of Her Ladyship, Duffy, a true scottie lass.


 Scots n Spots