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Issue #13 Spring 1998

Hello there! This is Danny and Julie Hill of Jonesboro,AR (way up in the northeast corner) and this is our web page. We had been cruising the Net practically non-stop since we got our computer back a few years ago (1996) and finally decided to buckle down and put out our own web page. We try to entertain and inform and share a little bit about ourselves. We plan on updating this place once a month, so please BOOKMARK US; because you'll forget where to find us a month from now. You can find out a little more about the purpose and plans of this web site in the mission statement at the bottom of this page. Otherwise enjoy your time here and come back soon.

We also have web pages on AOL. Check them out!! Danny's Page Julie's Page

Table of Contents

pHILLips Family Album

Bodacious Lies

Pointless Stories The Oddball Stuff Scots & Spots

The "I Hate Frames" Frames Page

Danny's Links Page

Julie's Linx


Coming Attractions (Maybe)

Old People Stories

Goofy Things Kids Say

Tales of White Trash

The "I Hate Java" Java Page

Until then, stories that would fall under these categories will be placed in Pointless Stories or the Misc Thoughts and Stuff Page.



The Reason We Are Here (Mission Statement)

If you like or don't like what you see here, tell us about it at djhill@ipa.net
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